Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Release Policy

  • To release only well trained, well cared for white racing pigeon stock which are banded with bands from either the American Racing Pigeon Union, International Federation, Canadian Union, or a permanent personalized band with address and phone number of the breeder... Each member of our group has been asked to join because they have demonstrated high professional standards in the operation of their business and knowledge of animal husbandry as it relates to their birds.
  • To ensure that appropriate attire is worn for all events and that their release coordinators are 100% reliable and on time...
  • To return deposits for acts of God, etc...
  • To NOT release birds INDOORS...
  • To NOT release birds AT NIGHT...
  • To NOT release birds in INCLEMENT WEATHER...
  • To NOT ship birds by mail for self-release...
  • To NOT release birds beyond a range they are unable to safely fly...
  • To Ensure that EVERY white dove release has at least one knowledgeable release coordinator present...

Commonly Asked Questions

Question: "Where do the doves go when they are released?"

Answer: Our doves are trained to fly home to the safety of their loft.

Question: "How long does it take for the doves to fly home?"

Answer: It depends on the distance from their loft but they will arrive home on the same day as the release.

Question: "If I have paid for my release and weather prevents the release, can I get a refund?"

Answer: Yes.

Question: "Can I order an evening release?"

Answer: Yes, we can schedule a release, but it can be no later than 2 to 3 hours before sunset. Time of day allowed changes per season.

Question: "How many doves can be released?"

Answer: You can have a 1 to 2 dove release or up to 6 doves released at one time.

Question: "Could I release the doves myself?"

Answer:  For a 1 to 2 dove release. 

Question: "Can I have a dove release during the winter?"

Answer:  Amazingly enough, doves prefer to fly in colder weather, so yes they can fly during the winter, except for when conditions make visibility poor, or in extremely cold weather.

Question: "Can I have a dove release anywhere?"

Answer: Yes, anywhere except indoors or high predator risk areas.

Question: "How do the doves know where home is?"

Answer: Doves have a homing instinct that somehow tells them where to fly home to and where it is located.

Question: "What if it rains slightly on the day of our release?"

Answer: The doves can be released in rainy weather, but if a thunderstorm is happening during the day then the release is cancelled.

Question: "Will you coordinate the dove release with our wedding photographer?"

Answer: Yes we will coordinate the dove release with your wedding photographer and videographer to create breathtaking wedding pictures.