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Graceful Doves has been a member of the White Dove Release Professionals since 2005.

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Stunning White Dove Releases

Graceful Doves is the leading White Dove Release Company in New Jersey since 2005, with having done over 800 wedding and memorial services. Our professional service is provided to New York, New Jersey, and parts of Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Our goal is to create a beautiful memory for you, your family and friends that will last a lifetime.

Memories that last a lifetime.

White Doves have been the universal symbol of love and unity. The white dove release at weddings during the wedding ceremony by the bride or in wedding cages that automatically open on cue, are a stunning addition to the outdoor ceremony.

The white dove release is a lasting memory for bride, family and friends.

Perhaps the best and most fitting memorial remembrance for the healing, peace and closure at funeral or memorial services is a white dove release at the moment of internment or conclusion of the memorial service..

For many is a peaceful and healing tribute to a loved one. During a funeral service the release of a single white dove the memorial spirit bird will bring deep feelings and tears to the eyes of everyone present as they watch the bird ascend skyward.



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